Sandelie Golf Course Mud Run

Just another day on the golf course...but bring the trail shoes.

VOLUNTEERS: Bring an umbrella, rain jacket and rain pants, warm hat, warm socks and rubber boots/warm boots..  If it is raining, plan on getting wet! If conditions are dry, it will be cold - plan accordingly. Volunteers are needed on the race course for 2-3 hours.
ANY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT  who wants to volunteer must walk the route/get instructions the week before race day. Spots cannot be assigned on race day due to the nature of the event and the distance volunteers will need to walk.

Race day conditions can bring many challenges to volunteers and participants.  Please come prepared to help in many ways.  Some people just have lots of questions and others will depend on you to send them in the right direction on the race route.  Please be prepared to stand in the elements for several hours or as needed.

We ask that all volunteers carpool as much as possible.  Parking is very limited!!  This event is small and will not need a lot of volunteers, but several people can work together in one spot if we have enough to fill all other positions.  Everyone will be contacted prior to the race.

The following are options for volunteering.  Please complete form and submit only one time. Most positions will have a secondary job once the race starts.

1. Race Set-Up/Race Day Participant Check in  Set up tables, tents,...  .  Most of this could be done by the time you arrive and we might need you in another volunteer position. (Hand out participant numbers and check them in /Direct Runners/Walkers on race course)

2. Packet Handout - Shirt Handout.  Because this event is small, there may only be packet pick-up for a few people who are not able to pick up their number prior to race day. (Direct Runners/Walkers on race course)

3. Starting Line - 10th Tee Box   Assist with getting participants to the starting line, answer course questions,... (Direct Runners/Walkers on the race course)

4. Course Directions - On the race course.  There are many places on the race course that need someone to stand and help direct participants. You will need to remain on the race course until all participants have passed you.  Cell phones will be used to communicate to those at the far ends of the race route.

5. Finish Line and Finish Line Photographer - Assist with water handout, food tables,  directing participants to first aid tent,  cheer on runners...  We love candid photos and would like to station someone at the finish line to capture a shot of each person finishing.

6. Clean-Up - Race Route - pulling marking flags from the race route, Parking Lot, Food Tables (Direct Runners/Walkers on race course)

7. Volunteer Coordinator - responsible for directing other volunteers to the correct location on the race route. Walking out with them to their assigned position.

8. Parking  - assist with directing cars, road traffic at entry. If parking is needed at Sandelie West 9, we will need someone there to help answer questions and direct cars to parking.

9. Water Tables - assist with water tables on race course. Hand cups to participants. Clean up all cups post race. 2 or 3 stations will be set up.

Volunteers assigned along the 10K route that is on part of the West 9 Golf Course on SW Advance Rd will be asked to park at that location.
Volunteer Information

Simply submit your volunteer request and leave current contact information.  A volunteer tent will be set up and you can go there to check in and get directions to your position.  Expect to walk between a half and one mile to some of the volunteer positions - many are along the race route.

First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street
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Volunteer Position #  (Enter a single number)
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Daytime Phone:
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If you are interested in sponsoring a portion of this event, please contact us through this page.  Vendors who would like to have information included in our goodie bag are also welcome to contact us.
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