Sandelie Golf Course Mud Run

Just another day on the golf course...but bring the trail shoes.

       January 13th, 2018
      Race limited to 250 people!

Contact Sandelie Golf Course for more information at 503-655-1461
Registration is Open!

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January 10th Update:  online registration will be open until race day.
With the rain this week, conditions will be slippery in several places.
Please walk over the bridge
Routes are marked: White Flags are for the 5K an REd flags are for the 10K.

This event is for the cross country runner and anyone who loves running on turf and trail.
All race course conditions provided by mother nature.
This is a cross-country style 5K and 10K...on a golf course.  It is most likely going to be wet and muddy in January, but we will plan a route regardless of the weather conditions.  We will not be adding any obstacles, mud holes, or additional water to make the course any more challenging. Most of the route is flat, but there are a few trail challenges for the 10K. Chances are high that you will not come back with clean shoes...unless the ground is totally frozen - and then you will have to deal with ice build up.

A portion of all proceeds will benefit the Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVFR).

Upcoming Schedule of Events - At this time, the 5K and 10K will start together.  Race course splits after the first mile.

Thank you to everyone who ran in 2017!  A beautiful day - without mud.  See you in 2018.

2018 will be the last year of the Sandelie Mud Run.  The goal was to host the event for 5 years, and 2018 is just around the corner.  We might host again down the road, but for now, January 13th, 2018 will be your last chance to run in this no frills 5K or 10K event on a golf course - in the winter.  This year, we really don't want snow.

Day of Registration: Fees on race day will be slightly higher than pre - registration.  Race fees and registration will be done inside the proshop at Sandelie Golf Course on race day. 

Parking is limited!  Please carpool - It is always a good idea and you will have company on the way to the course.  

 1/13/2018  Day of Race  Registration  8:15-8:40
Date Time Event
1/13/2018 9:00 AM 5K Run and Walk 10K Run

Everyone will start together.
Consider the footprint you leave behind - literally...please, No Cross Country spiked shoes or spikes of any kind. Bring your oldest pair of trail shoes or tennis shoes and feel free to leave them behind if they are timed out - we will donate them to local charities.

Find us on Facebook  Sandelie Mud Run

Packet pick up
Packet Pick up will be on race day - January 13th, 2018
28333 SW Mountain Rd.  West Linn, OR 97068  503-655-1461

Remember, small races mean small lines. It will be easy to pick up your number and race bag on Saturday, the day of the race.  By doing this on Saturday, you only have to make one trip to the golf course!

There will be a Fill the Boot campaign happening Friday and Saturday - this is where 100 percent of funds donated into the fire fighter boots will be donated to Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue!  Very cool!
Thank you to everyone who donated to the boots in 2017!  

We will have a dry area where people can change after the race if needed!

Hopefully, most of your questions have been answered by the time you get to this section.
Q: Can I bring my dog? No. Sorry. Almost everyone loves dogs, but this event is on private property and your beloved furry friend will not be able to come with you.

Q:Do we have a bunch of vendors, beer tent, give aways?
 Not at this time.  It is cold in January and until we have someone willing to sponsor a huge vendor tent to keep everyone dry (and warm), we are sticking to the basics - of running and walking.
Q: Do volunteers really need to walk with Kathy to their assigned spot the week of the race?  Yes, absolutely. You won't know what to do or where to go if you just show up on race day.
Q: Can everyone park at the golf course?  Yes, leave room for the timing company and fire truck (they often sound the siren to start the race). We usually have around 100+ people, but it is limited to 250.
Q: Is there an awards ceremony?  Sort of. If you place in the top three of the designated age brackets, you get a "Top Finisher" medal.  It is actually a golf ball and not made of metal. Check out the pictures on our facebook page. Kind of cool.
Q:Does everyone get a finisher's medal?  This year, we are handing out a "medal" to those who are not in the top 3 of each age division.  Those who are top finishers have a lanyard attached to theirs - which can be taken off the "medal" and be used as a key chain!
Q:Is there a place to stay warm and dry until the race starts?  We are working on it.  Hopefully we can set up a few tents and a propane heater. Your car is the best bet. About 10 (or less) minutes prior to the start time we will ask everyone to come to the starting line.
Q: Is the route clearly marked?  Yes, but people get lost every single year - and usually take a few others with them.  If this happens, your times will not be accurate.  Follow the signs and markers.  If you get lost, don't worry. There are enough people out there to hopefully get you back on track.
If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to use the contact form to contact us.  It will take a day or so to get back with you.  You can also email

thank you to our current sponsors and companies contributing to the sandelie mud run!



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